A Voice from Iran

“80th story”

First Published: Feb.28.2019

A high school teacher started her class with a story:


“A couple went on a cruise to spend quality time together.


The ship hit a seamount and instigated a big hole. Water was pouring into the ship uncontrollably. Everyone was rushing towards the lifeboats.


When the couple got closer to the last lifeboat, they realized there was only one space left. The husband jumped into the lifeboat and it left immediately. The wife was devastated as she stared at the lifeboat and shouted: …….”


The teacher paused and said: “What do you think she shouted?”

Many students had different answers.

One said: “She probably said ‘I hate you.’”


Others said: “She definitely said ‘I wasted my life with you.’”

– “Thanks for leaving me behind.”

– “Men!”

And more….


The teacher continued: “She shouted ‘take care of our daughter.”

Years passed and that man took…

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