7 Rules for Blogging and Content Marketing Success


Are you having trouble building a following for your blog? Do people think that your blog doesn’t present good content or say it is poorly written?

There can be many reasons why you are not getting the hits you are looking for. There may be other blogs out there posting the same content, clashing with your content and putting you behind the search results. Your content may be too generic, which is why people find it unappealing.

Whichever the reason is for your blog’s inability to gain traffic and revenue, you can apply rules to change the quality of your blog content.

Here are 7 rules we recommend you try out for your blog and content marketing strategy to succeed:

Rule 1: Write Only The Things You Know

When blogging, it is important that you write something you genuinely know rather than start on something new. Even if other bloggers…

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Clashes as protesters demand end to violence against women – BBC News

Riot police in Turkey and Mexico have fired tear gas and smoke bombs at protesters calling for an end to violence against women.

Thousands of protesters marched to mark the international day for the elimination of gender-based attacks.

But clashes broke out with security forces in the Turkish capital Istanbul.

And in Mexico City, police fired smoke bombs at a small group of hammer-wielding protesters who tried to grab their shields.

Chanting “Not one (woman) less”, crowds had gathered in the Mexican capital to demand an end to femicide – the intentional murder of women because of their gender.

Source: Clashes as protesters demand end to violence against women – BBC News

States of Public Emergency in Jamaica: For or against, what to do now?

Petchary's Blog

I wrote recently for Global Voices about the imposition of States of Public Emergency (SOPEs) in no less than seven police divisions across the island on November 14, in light of a tremendous spike in our murder rate.

Well, the SOPEs will end this weekend, after just two weeks. After hours of debate, the Upper House today voted againstan extension of the measures, after the Lower House had voted for them to continue until February 10, 2022. The Senate did not get a two-thirds majority needed to extend the SOPEs.

So, what next?

In the press release just issued below, the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica is expressing its qualified support for SOPEs. This very much reflects my own view. Here is what they have to say:

Jamaica is in the top five murder rate globally and the violent deaths of over 1,000 Jamaicans annually has almost been normalised.

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Serenidade – Pensamentos.me/VEM comigo!

Serenidade é a maneira discreta de responder a vida com sabedoria. Em todas as circunstâncias onde se observa que existe serenidade, também há de se constatar um silêncio elegante, magistral talvez…contido na nossa maneira de introduzir a resposta necessária diante das situações estressantes. A serenidade é corrente, espaçosa e justa. Ela nunca choca o pensamento…
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Herbstszenen: Økssø … Autumn moments: Økssø – Stella, oh, Stella

Wir waren schon länger nicht mehr dort. Trotzdem ist er einer meiner Lieblingsorte. … We had not been there for some time. Nonetheless, it is one of my favourite places. Ich finde, hier könnte man sehr gut übernachten (im Sommer), aber der Gentleman weigert sich …… I think this would be a good place to…
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# extratos II

O Outro Lado

# extratos II

Hoje não me lembro bem do que disse – ou lembro de tudo, sei lá… –

comecei a esperar pelas visitas

a marcar a cidade no número de quem entrou

comecei a desvendar nomes dela…

a criar mitos, lendas.

Precisava dela pra começar o dia.


assim de precisar mesmo.

E dos azulejinhos que chegavam e arrancavam sorrisos

aprendi a provocar

a mudar desejos de palavras;

a chover…

“não vou esquecer nunca da sensação de chuva… está a chover aqui…”

aprendi a sentir borboletas a voar na barriga;

a gostar do azul, do laranja, do escarlate, do preto e branco…

a descobrir palavras novas e aprendi a medir a saudade pela imensa solidão que os dias fazem em mim.

E que em mim existem dois mundos…

Mariana Gouveia

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