Toronto turns coal plant into lakeside community

Darcy Hitchcock

The coal plant was on Lake Ontario. Ironically named Lakeview Generating Plant, it both blocked residents’ access to the lake and the view. Now that the old plant has been shut down, the community has pushed for it to become something better than just a cleaner-burning power plant, a 15-minute community.

The design is centered around the 15-minute city, the idea that people should live within a 15-minute walk or bike ride from most of their daily errands. The streets are designed to prioritize walking and biking, and a new bike trail along the waterfront will connect to another path that leads directly to Toronto. A metro station is within walking distance. A new innovation district on the site plans to create 9,000 local jobs, so many people living in the new neighborhood’s 8,000 housing units can walk only blocks to work. Retail stores on the site will provide local…

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