JET says there is no confusion over Cockpit Country

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I sometimes wonder whether media commentators are a little tired of topics like the Cockpit Country, because they are not going away. I can almost see them doing the “eye roll” emoji as they sit down to pen a careless piece for the Sunday Gleaner, such as the article by Mr. Mark Wignall on November 14. Because he did not have the patience to do the required homework, Mr. Wignall contented himself with snide comments like “That, of course, will not satisfy activists (sic) groups like the Jamaica Environmental (sic) Trust (JET), which wants to have it both ways.” 

Mr. Wignall is very good at commenting on crime and violence on our island and likes to give us his personal insights on such matters. Even in this article he could not resist mentioning “an area that is a haunt of mine” that was “shot up”! Dear me! [Insert eye…

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