The Anatomy of Fantastical Creatures

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Do you know what the juicy interior of a Kraken looks like? Have you ever seen the inside of a unicorn’s magical horn? What about the biochemical transformation of a man into a a werewolf?

Here are some marvellous anatomical figures from French Chimerologist Camille Renversade who in 2014 combined zoology charts, anatomy boards and scientific literature with sublime fantasy art of magical beasts from mythical lands.

The anatomical drawings show the various stages of phoenix regeneration, mermaid morphology and much more.

Fantastic beasts, their anatomy and how to find them

These exquisite fantasy charts are brought together in the rare, limited release and expensive book Fantastic Creatures Deyrolle, which is inspired by the museum of the same name in Paris.

Creatures Fantastiques Deyrolle by Jean Baptiste de Panafieu and Camille Revensade

Fantastic Creatures Deyolle is by Camille Revensade and Jean Baptiste de Panafieu. Revensade was born in 1983…

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