Product Review: Maple Espresso Tea from Trader Joe’s

Tanooki Homemade Cafe

Happy National Espresso Day! Who’s an espresso lover here?  Get some cups of espresso and celebrate today!

Well, well, well…although I started liking coffee recently, making espresso is hard in my kitchen because I don’t have an espresso machine. I used to, when I lived in LA, but when my dinner buddy and I moved up North, we decided to give it away to my neighbor to reduce the amount of our belongings. Now I miss it…I don’t know why I didn’t fight to keep that(well it took me more than 5 years to realize that though!) 

Missing my old espresso machine, one day I went to pick up my groceries at Trader Joe’s and found these yummy tea bags! Maple Espresso Tea? I mean…why don’t I get it for my tea time? 

maple espresso teaMy dinner buddy loves tea. Whenever there is a new tea flavor released, he always insists on…

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