Minbari Mondays, And Now For A Word: Defend

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      This  week reports an incident from Saturday, September 16th, of our year 2259 CE, sent to us from our future by Ranger Mayann, stationed on  Minbar:

      Greetings, from Tuzanor:

      This day was recorded in the anals of the Anla’Shok as one of great anguish for all of us.  Even down the years, my order recalls the pain of humiliation of Ambassador Delenn, and the pain of seeing so many lives wasted so brutally.  She spoke for the innocents, even after being played for an innocent by a brutal Human.  Your reporter, deliberately made our ambassador look badly.  Yet, she arose and defended the Narn innocents being slaughtered with courage, and with honor.  And with the astuteness we see when she goes on to lead my order.  The Centauri were indeed on the path to committing war crimes, with their mass drivers, that day.  Yet, the voice…

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