The Blue Mountains of Jamaica, the history of Holywell and the story of the breadfruit

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Sometimes things connect in the most fortuitous way. Yesterday, Holywell launched its new logo, up in the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park(which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site). I should have attended in person, but at least I did via their livestream on Instagram.

Dr. Susan Otuokon, Executive Director, Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust, expresses her appreciation to Conliffe, one of JCDT’s volunteers, at the event on November 20.

The occasion was not only a logo launch, but also a recognition of the work of the diligent and enthusiastic volunteers, who have given of their time and seemingly boundless energy over the past year. Launched in August 2020, the volunteer program was a bit of a struggle getting off the ground, given the COVID-19 situation. Long periods of curfews and other restrictions, plus a huge landslide on the access road, were setbacks – but…

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