Ann and Anna, (serial short story, Part 8): Lost

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… Parts 7 (Rock), 6 (Believe), 5 (Naming), 4 (Home), 3 (Trust), 2 (Hope), and 1 (Nightmares) have posted on previous Sundays…

In my fear of the slave hunters, I had forgotten my fear of riding.

That was a grave error.

“Shoot ‘im again! Shoot ‘im!!”

As I looked back at that bear, its terrible face lifted to the sky, my grip on old Mary’s mane slipped a little. I let go with my right hand, reaching down as I turned my head back, feeling for the reins. More shots rang out, and I jumped, losing the right rein I had just retrieved. I was barely managing to keep my seat, stretched over the pommel as I was.

Then I saw the log.

When I awoke, it seemed like days must have passed. Night had fallen, cold and still. The smell of pine…

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3 thoughts on “Ann and Anna, (serial short story, Part 8): Lost”

  1. Thanks, Ned!

    I hope that this series isn’t too dark for readers, as it’s about to go into to scary places, I think, before emerging from the tunnel…


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