A daily poem? What’s not to love…

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It is Sunday and I am in a reflective mood as I gaze out at our yard, where small birds are minding their own business in the bougainvillea bushes and the doves and pigeons keep watch in the guango tree. The “Christmas Breeze” comes and goes, pushing out the curtains from time to time. The grassquits are feeding their babies in a hanging basket just outside the window (a good nesting spot). The grackles are socializing at the bird bath.

So, I just wanted to pass on this gem that my dear friend Ann-Margaret Lim (herself a beautiful poet) shared with me recently, in case you don’t know about it. I am grateful to her for this gift of poetry. She herself had a poem published in this daily poetic offering; read it here.

It is called “Poem-a-Day” and it is a product of the Academy of American Poets

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