VaYishlach, and Favorites

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     This week’s Torah portion is Parashat VaYishlach, for the messengers that Jacob sent to his brother Esav upon his return home.  Upon hearing that Esav was approaching with 400 armed men, Jacob was in fear.  So what does he do?  Sends out his least favorite wives and kids first, in front of him.  Not exactly egalitarian.  But not even as bad as what many parents do to their own children.  How can we spare our kids, and our society, this pain of favoritism, hierarchy, and lack of empathy? 

   What do you think, Thoughtful Readers?


Action Prompts:

1.)  Share your thoughts on the how empathetic education might keep all children safe, please.

2.) Share your thoughts on how we Human Beings might start to build a more fully inclusive society for all of us.

3.) Write a book, story, post or tweet that uses…

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