Men, the Moon, and an Eclipse!

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

They say men are from mars A partial eclipse and the stars Oh, what a day Confused? Just hear what I've got to say! Some can't live with them! Some can't do without them! Yes, I'm referring to men Who else would I be talking about, then? Two days ago, we celebrated International Men's Day And since I was too busy then, here's my post-dated poetic bouquet In case you live under a rock, 19th November 2021 was quite significant Astrophysicists and astrologers awaited something quite magnificent The longest partial lunar eclipse in five hundred years coincided with a day dedicated to commemorate them, so cheers! Do you know the origin of the term lunatic? Let me take you through a brief story; I'll make it quick My Nonna narrated a lot of old wives tales And she did'nt use modern filters to eliminate details Apparently, a full moon encourages…

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