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What I would really love to know is, and I don’t know if any of you have noticed it as well.

All the transphobic, anti-maskers, anti-vaxers etc. They’re always complaining about the Government trying to control them. Yet, I keep seeing the same Government, be on their side. Johnson, Trump, Morrison are on the side of the, as we call them in Australia, COVIDIOTS. All three were putting money before and above, people.

So which Government is trying to “control” them exactly? They like Morrison, Johnson and Trump, so are they saying they don’t like them controlling them, but they’ll worship them at the same time? It’s just odd. Being the political leader of a country is as political and in Government as you can get.

Then it’s gets weirder for me. As these same politicians are now all vaccinated against COVID, and yet, they encourage people to fight against…

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  1. In Europe the situation is different. The people who wish to rather take their chances with the virus than with the vaccine, are guilt tripped and forced vaccine will probably be introduced in Austria soon. In other countries they are talking about it. In the view of that at present fully vaccinated people are being infected by other fully vaccinated people, this kind of behaviour is even more questionable.

    1. The overwhelming number of people being infected today in North America and in Europe are people who have no been vaccinated. And those people are also filling up hospitals. Some few cases are coming from people who have been vaccinated… understandable since the vaccine is not 100%. If vaccinations do not increase many more will die needlessly. Masking is still important as is not going to place that may be hotbeds for catching Covid-19 – not well ventilated places where no one checks for vaccinations.

    2. In Denmark the not vaccinated that get sick are mainly the young people and children (same in Germany), who are just getting started to get vaccinated. Most of them have none or light symptoms, and are therefore not hospitalised.
      In my family 4 grownups and a toddler have the virus. Three of them are fully vaccinated (3 shots), one without symptoms, two severely ill, but not (yet) with respiratory problems, which would make hospitalisation necessary. In Denmark you can still get hospitalised if you wish, even if your physician might not find it necessary,

      And, it seems to be the custom here to call people “hospitalised with Corona”, even if they were hospitalised for something else (a broken leg or whatever). When they get tested in the hospital and the virus is found, the reason for hospitalisation switches over to Corona. One could ask oneself, why there is a need to boost these figures artificially? People are not as afraid as last year to talk about these things.

      The same thing was done last year with the death rates. First one died “of” Corona, but later on one died “with” Corona, whatever that is supposed to mean. And physicians said that they were instructed to change their way of filling in death certificates. If a person had terminal cancer and finally died of it, but had the virus in the body, this would count as a “Corona related” death. In Britain they cut their death figures by 5000 and claimed it was a “computer error”. In Denmark we had after Easter 252 deaths less than before Easter, hallelujah!

      We might get the masks again, but for now we haven’t since last summer. They are closing some schools, because there are the most infections.

    3. We are learning as we go. Covid-19 can be strong enough to contribute to death or cause death – if no Covid-19 the person might have survived other illness or died later. Masking betters people’s odds by about 50% of staying healthy according to latest research. We have plenty of young people now with very long illnesses and perhaps permanent damage to lungs and/or heart. Hope that new treatments help people rapidly recover and with less damage. A friend of mine now has some permanent lung scaring from “mild” case.

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