Fire of Moods

A glimpse of the future I can see,
Infused in fashioned acts of actions,
Ready to unfold,
From the portals of immortal decision,
Tides of twofolds,
That releases inhibition.

A peep through the book of kismet,
Relays empty sheets,
A pen aside ; winking at thy deeds,
The first presage,
Of where fate begins,
It’s still unwritten.

Drench thyself in fine ink,
Fill up the blank pages day by day,
With undefined defined,
Conditioned in condiments of thy will,
And pen in hand,
Bestowed upon us to end unplanned.

Fate stands unseen like a translucent wave,
Which deeds illuminate,
Forge thy pen on the good pages of fate,
For weedy deeds bleed,
Black shadowy fluid of grey fortune,
Veneer and severe.

Flipping through the pages of destiny,
Yesterday, today,
Was everything to be seen,
If a doleful ditty,
Neatly written therein in sympathy and pity,
Keep in mind ; tomorrow…

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