COVID: Germany faces ‘national emergency’ – DW – 11/19/2021

…In the past two weeks, the number of new cases has jumped by more than 60%.

On Friday, Germany recorded 52,970 daily new infections, a day after registering over 65,000 daily cases, a record since the start of the pandemic. Health officials are warning that the number is likely to at least double in the coming days.

Uwe Janssens, secretary-general of the German Society for Internal Intensive Care, told DW the numbers were “absolutely worrying.”

He pointed out that patients who suffer severe disease after getting infected with the virus end up in the intensive care unit much later, “with a delay of up to 15 days.”

“Currently, around 0.8% of infected people will have to be treated further in an intensive care unit during the course of an infection,” he said. And if there are 50,000-60,000 new infections a day, “you can count how many people will reach the intensive care units in 7 to 10 to 12 days.”

The situation is becoming “too much to handle,” he stressed…

Source: COVID: Germany faces ‘national emergency’ – DW – 11/19/2021