Why Seed Companies Fear Mexico – Havana Times

…The power of México’s ruling goes way beyond permits. It emboldens national plans to phase-out GMO corn and glyphosate, not just seeds, by 2024. So far, GMO voices stick to losing playbooks, saying this plan is not based on science. Controversies over toxic glyphosate raise more alarm. GMO farming needs this chemical herbicide. A UN agency and American courtsfound it to be carcinogenic. This has resulted court ordered payouts, creating a headache for Bayer that acquired glyphosate’s producer Monsanto.

All of this inspires sustainable farming globally. Hundreds of countries have agreed to treaties with Precautionary Principle provisions. The principle was central to crafting Mexican biosecurity measures. It can guide more governments to implement effective GMO, biodiversity, and environmental policies. Seed companies agonize thinking if more courts, regulators, or legislatures copy México.

In short, sustainable farmers, environmentalists, lawyers, and most importantly policymakers across the globe should follow México’s example. Evident in the Colectividad’s determination, resistance is the seed to sustainable success, when it combines legal, cultural, and political efforts…

Source: Why Seed Companies Fear Mexico – Havana Times

The Man Who Saved The World- Stanislav Petrov (Unsung Heroes Part-9) — Aspiring Blog

How many superheroes do you know who have saved the world? I bet they are the fictional characters from the movie. As they are the only heroes we know who risked their lives to save millions of lives. 1,123 more words

The Man Who Saved The World- Stanislav Petrov (Unsung Heroes Part-9) — Aspiring Blog

3 Recipes: Khashayar’s Veggie Kabobs, Persian Tahdig, Asparagus Omelet

Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

Photo of Khashayar with brunch spread he cooked.
Brunch ala Khashayar.


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1. Veggie Kabobs with Grilled Tomatoes

The other night Khashayar cooked something so outstanding that I took a picture, but didn’t think about creating a blog post for it until too…

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After the rain, went to the roof to witness the beautiful scene. The sky was soft, washed and charming. Though I was not expecting the sunset due to rain, but suddenly saw the sun, slowly sinking with grace…wet, soothing and appealing like a innocent baby.

My tiredness, sadness, anger, all vanished and I remembered your words… you always used to say, that the way we present ourself, or think about ourself, creates the vibration. Think good about self, respect and care yourself, then see, all will reciprocate the same way…

I came down thinking about the forgotten inspirational words of yours, and smiling by the thought that the Airhostess also says the same in the flight… to put on your oxygen mask first to save others…

It all depends on you…how much you open up to put your best foot forward…

भीगा सुरज

वो गीले पांव से सूरज उतरा,

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