I hear sirens in the 2 a.m sky, red lights revolve into reflections. I blink ....my eyes vermillion in the shadows of sleep. I walk the streets under flickering neon lights.  Fog settles on hunched figures ...slumber bent. A quick wind rustles dust, leaves in umber.

Hoodwinked owls cry
Stalking trees
Where bats fly

Smog stalks the streets...weed ridden breaths wheeze in a sleep concocted by social discrepancies. Dreams fancy themselves behind eyelids too dreary. ..sleep's stillness brought by little things that slide down throats.

Moon shines dowbn:
Stores with drawn blinds
Blank stares 
Empty faces

I am bemused by the muteness of sleeping figures. Rats crawl out of nowhere and slip into hidden crevices...scurrying across yellow lit pavements. .cold bitter...impersonal 

Social imbalance 
A requisite for life?
Poverty unsolicited 
Sorrow irrevocable 

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