Nutty Cinnamon Apple Roll

Tanooki Homemade Cafe

Happy National Homemade Bread Day! Attention bakers, it’s a day to bake and enjoy your signature bread! 

I’m still a beginner baker so baking homemade bread is still challenging to me. Kneading? Yes, that makes my arms sore the next day. Does my dough rise perfectly? Well I need help from warm water and several bowls. So am I tired/bored baking on my own bread? NO! 

Guys, baking your own bread is fun so how about baking some to celebrate National Homemade Bread Day?  

As we’re in the apple season, I wanted to bake some homemade bread pastry using apples. As long as it’s Autumn, cinnamon should be joining.

Hmm, I think I’ll be a little indulgent. The aroma of a beautiful harvest in Autumn is the perfect way to enjoy baking bread and enjoy the season! 

Are you ready to check how I enjoyed it? Here we go! 


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