Minnesota becomes nation’s COVID-19 hot spot | CIDRAP

More than 122,000 child COVID-19 cases were reported from Nov 4 to Nov 11, a 22% increase from the previous week, according to the latest update from the American Academy of Pediatrics. This is the 14th week consecutive week of more than 100,000 pediatric cases reported.

A total of 6.6 million American children have tested positive for COVID-19 during the pandemic. In total, children make up 16.8% of total COVID-19 cases in the country, and in the week of Nov 4 to Nov 11 represented 27% of cases.

In related news, the National Institutes of Health is starting a study to track the impact of COVID-19 infections in children, ABC News reports. The study will track up to 1,000 children and young adults between 3 and 21 who previously tested positive for COVID-19.

Little is currently known about “long COVID” and kids, but the study seeks to understand long term outcomes for children who have had the virus, and any risk factors for complications.

Source: Minnesota becomes nation’s COVID-19 hot spot | CIDRAP