Vayetzei, and Distinguishing

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     This week’s Torah portion is Parashat Vayetzei (And He Went Out).  Jacob went out of his home land fleeing the result of someone not distinguishing between truth and lie, and he is himself, in this week’s full portion, held to the consequences of his own lack of distinction.  Caught in between are the two women who had to be the objects of that lie, and their children.  All involved suffer due to the lack of distinguishing between truth and lie, and that is the tragedy.  Can we learn from this set of suffering, and how can we build tools to help ourselves correctly distinguish between fact and fiction?

  Education for all children and adults, and the empathy which must be used even, or especially, with logical reasoning, is an important start.  

   What would you do, and how would you solve this thorny problem of protecting…

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