Teenagers Charged In Death of Little Girl Who Was Shot By Cops

The suit filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, provides a concise narrative of the events as seen by the plaintiffs: That at least three Sharon Hill police officers “unreasonably, and with a specific intent to kill, fired multiple gunshots from their semiautomatic borough-issued pistols at persons in a moving car,” and that the bullets traveled beyond the car into the crowd of innocent bystanders who were exiting the game.

“The occupants of (the) car were unarmed, engaging in no criminal activity, and did not pose any threat at all to the police officers or the community at large,” the suit says. “The driver of the car was in fact an innocent 19-year-old woman with innocent another woman of similar age in the front passenger seat (sic). No other persons were in that car when the police unreasonably used deadly force against its driver and passenger.”

Fanta and her sister, Mawatta Bility, were both struck by the hail of gunfire passing beyond the car, the suit says. Fanta Bility “succumbed to her injuries after lying conscious in her mother’s arms while her mother attempted to comfort the terror-stricken little girl before she died,” according to the suit.

Source: Teenagers Charged In Death of Little Girl Who Was Shot By Cops