Insurrection Update #19

In Saner Thought

And the series continues……

The defendants are getting sillier and sillier…….excuse is all they have not one has taken total responsibility for their actions……especially the veterans…..

More than 70 current and former members of the US military, who all swore an oath to defend the Constitution, are now facing criminal charges and special attention from prosecutors for attacking their own democracy by storming the US Capitol on January 6.

For these defendants, many with decorated combat records and multiple overseas deployments, their military service has become a double-edged sword in their legal cases. The Justice Department has argued that rioters’ veteran status is an aggravating factor, and some judges have held veterans to a higher standard while considering whether to send them to jail, either as punishment for their crimes or while their cases play out.
Apparently the oath of service means nothing to these slugs….burn ’em…

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