Day 17/67, 5 month GED, Djinn Gold, and InterLibrary Loan

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

The Djinni’s Offer:  (below…)

Day 17 of 67, Lesson Plan

Caps, Part 2 online worksheet

Finish Filling in Yourself: Multiplication Tables for Perfect Squares Diagonal

Khan Academy continuing Exponents online worksheet

Day 17 ExitSlips

(And an easy review of yesterday’s introduction to exponents…)

In our Learning Toolbox:
San Diego Public Library system  (was there a public library in 1838?)
(1. ordering books, 2. InterLibrary Loan, 3. Reference Librarians)

With a classmate, work together for 7 minutes to take a crack at:

The Djinni’s Offer:

“After opening an ancient bottle you find on the beach, a Djinni
appears. In payment for his freedom, he gives you a choice of either
50,000 gold coins or one magical gold coin. The magic coin will turn
into two gold coins on the first day. The two coins will turn into four
coins total at the end of two days. By the…

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