‘Death to Jews,’ Polish nationalists shout at rally while burning book about Jews in Poland – Jewish Telegraphic Agency (Me: Never again!)

Polish nationalists shouted “death to Jews” as they burned a book representing a historic pact protecting the rights of Poland’s Jews.

The book burning Thursday at a rally in Kalisz, a city of about 100,000 inhabitants situated 120 miles southwest of Warsaw, was part of a series of nationalist events on Nov. 11, National Independence Day, which is the anniversary of when Poland regained its sovereignty in 1918.

Videos and eyewitness accounts on social media show that Wojciech Olszański, a far-right activist, lit a red-covered book that was meant to symbolize the Statute of Kalisz. The document issued in 1264 by Prince Bolesław the Pious regulated the legal status of Jews living in Poland and afforded some protection through penalizing attacks on them. The statute served as the legal foundation for relations between non-Jews and Jews in Poland for centuries later.

Source: ‘Death to Jews,’ Polish nationalists shout at rally while burning book about Jews in Poland – Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Lindholm Høje … same in English

Stella, oh, Stella

Ich glaube, dass ich mit diesem Beitrag jetzt so ziemlich über alle unsere Ausflüge geschrieben habe. Ausser natürlich über all die kleinen Spaziergänge am Kattegat, aber ich will euch ja nicht langweilen! Die Anregung für diesen Ausflug bekamen wir von unserem Neffen.

… I think that with this post I have reported about most of our excursions, with the exception of all our small walks at the Kattegat. But I don’t want to bore you! Our nephew gave us the idea to this excursion.

Blick von der Anhöhe aus nach links …
… View from the top of the hill to the left …

Die Toten auf Lindholm Høje:
Auf Lindholm Høje fanden an die 600 Jahre Beisetzungen statt. Die ältesten Gräber stammen aus der späten Eisenzeit im 5. Jahrhundert, die neuesten aus der Wikingerzeit im 10. Jahrhundert.

Die ältestesn Gräber liegen an der höchsten Stelle des Gräberfeldes. Hier wurde…

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COP26 Not Nearly Enough


I’ve followed the work of Chase Iron Eyes and the Lakota People’s Law Project for years. He was involved in the Dakota Access pipeline struggle at Standing Rock, including begin arrested there. In the video below, he and his daughter, Tokata, talk about why everything discussed at COOP26 isn’t nearly enough.

As we near the end of COP26 — the United Nations’ most recent climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland — we have reason for concern. Because, while nations the world over have again come together to talk about addressing the climate emergency, activists — including a host of Indigenous People and organizations — are watching closely and sending a strong message from the frontlines: everything being discussed and promised at COP26 isn’t nearly enough. This past week, my daughter, Tokata, and I appeared on Christiane Amanpour’s show, broadcast on both PBS and CNN, to talk about COP26, our anti-pipeline stands…

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World Kindness Day

Lolsys Library

I don’t know what to write here honestly. I feel like I’m writing to the already kind converted. So what could I write about, that you don’t already know about?

You all know how to be kind, you are all kind people!

Our borders in South Australia, are about to open up to the other states again. It’s really quiet scary. I am choosing to continue to wear a mask in public, good hygiene. We have done really well, but…BUT … All it takes is one person, and all that good work.

Why I bring this up, is because, we’re all going to have to do the best we can do for ourselves and others when the borders are reopened…Are we ready? Physically, maybe…Mentally…Not so much.

Maybe this year, because we are all such kind people, if I do say so myself. We relearn how to be kind to ourselves…

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