Moderna and U.S. at Odds Over Vaccine Patent Rights – The New York Times

“Moderna wants exclusive ownership and control of this patent,” Mr. Morten said. “They want to be the only organization that decides where mRNA-1273 is made, how it’s made, who makes it, what price it’s sold for. And co-ownership of this patent is a threat to that control.”

The story of the public-private collaboration has been one of the few bright spots of the pandemic. The three government scientists — especially Dr. Corbett, who emerged as a role model for young Black women in science and has worked to address vaccine hesitancy in minority communities — have been hailed as heroes.

Moderna, a young company that had never before brought a product to market, became a household name virtually overnight. The vaccine is on track to bring in up to $18 billion in revenue for Moderna this year. The company has already booked deals for next year worth up to $20 billion. Sales of its vaccine both this year and next are likely to rank among the highest in a single year for any medical product in history.

Dr. Graham, who was the Vaccine Research Center’s deputy director before his retirement, began his work on coronaviruses long before the pandemic. In 2017, he led a team of researchers, including Dr. Corbett, that figured out how to employ protein engineering to stabilize the spike proteins on the coronavirus before they fuse with other cells.