Language of Family History, and Choosing your Hill…

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  Tracing the Black Nuns in your family, thanks to this new book from Dr. Shannen Dee Williams, just got a bit easier.  Her “ 1st book, #SubversiveHabits, will be published by

in May 2022! It provides the 1st full history of #Blacknuns in the US & recovers their activism & leadership in the fight for racial, gender, & educational justice.”

The challenges of family history, particularly a family full of mostly Enslaved Persons, and some Free People of Color (free before the Civil War and subject to the Black Codes in most states), means learning the language of genealogy, and then learning your own family language, with names that run in families, especially middle names, and have certain meanings known only to the inner circle at that time.  In order to survive, each of those People of Color had to decide and choose which hill they…

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post, Ned. I should have put Dr. William’s book announcement in the title, somehow, but I forgot.

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