Jamaican Cauliflower

Tanooki Homemade Cafe

Have you tried Jamaican Food? Or have you ever heard of it?

I remember going to a Jamaican restaurant in LA where they served yummy jerk chicken. At that time we just started to live together and finding a good restaurant in busy weekday was a key for peaceful night.

We finally decided to try Jamaican restaurant after finding a Groupon deal, and it was so good. We ordered jerk chicken because the server on that night recommended as saying it’s the most popular one, and oxtail stew that sounded fancy to us. Ever since that night, whenever we find Jamaican restaurant, our lunch/dinner is decided hitting them ASAP.

I found a jerk chicken seasoning in my neighbor’s grocery store and wanted to try it in my dish. I also picked up a big fresh cauliflower, so let’s make a crispy oven baked beauty! 

Ready to check what it’s…

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