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Every job hunter spends weeks and months trying to find the perfect job and wait for employers to reach out to them with an offer. It can be hard to turn it down when an offer does come, even if that’s the only job offer you have received for months. While it can be the […]

How Do You Decline a Job Offer Gracefully — MiddleMe

Dia Mundial da Adoção

Vivaldi translation: ”The love that is born through conscience; not biological bonds, it also meets the demands of care, respect and emotional responsibility of parents. What generates love is love itself. It is only possible to give it to a child, if we have it.”

Marii Freire Pereira comigo!

” O amor que nasce através da consciência; não de vínculos biológicos, ele também cumpre as exigências do cuido, do respeito e da responsabilidade afetiva dos pais. O que gera o amor, é o próprio amor. Só é possível dá-lo a um filho, se o tivermos.”

Marii Freire Pereira VEM comigo!

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Santarém, Pa 9 de novembro de 2021

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El pasado me solicitó no olvidarlo, pero me invitó a disfrutar y a vivir mi hora presente


Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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En mi infancia definí lo que tanto me encantaba. Recorro las estaciones del ayer, hasta llegar a la de mi niñez, cuando disfrutaba mis juguetes, correr, saltar y divertirme en la inmensidad del jardín y en los escondrijos y rincones de la casa, que entonces me parecían enigmáticos y grandiosos, quizá porque los consideraba -y así fue- mi hogar, mi mundo, mi escenario.

Jugaba intensamente con mis hermanos y con los pocos amigos que tenía -Geli y Lolín, quienes deben vivir en algún lugar de España, o Martha, Fabio, José y Antonio-, y si muchas ocasiones reíamos, otras, en tanto, como todo ser humano durante su niñez, reñíamos y volvíamos a convivir en paz. Inventábamos nuestras historias. De los sueños, de la imaginación, hacíamos juegos y realidades.

Fuimos personas, en diminuto, en masculino y en femenino, que lo mismo…

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Chilean president Piñera impeached over Pandora papers revelations | Chile | The Guardian

Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera has been impeached by the lower house of congress, setting up a trial in the nation’s senate over allegations he favored the sale of a family property while in office.

The vote to impeach passed with the bare minimum of 78 votes needed in the 155-member chamber of deputies, and followed a marathon 20-hour session. Sixty-seven legislators voted against impeachment, including several members of the opposition. Others abstained or were absent.

Piñera is unlikely to be removed by the 43-member upper house, where the opposition has only 24 of the 29 votes needed to oust a president.

But the trial will come in the heat of a general election campaign. The first round of general elections is set for 21 November and Piñera’s term ends on 11 March. Chile does not permit presidential re-election to consecutive terms.

Source: Chilean president Piñera impeached over Pandora papers revelations | Chile | The Guardian

How the infrastructure bill’s $65 billion in broadband spending will be doled out – MarketWatch

A major chunk, $42.45 billion, will be overseen by the Commerce Department and its telecom division. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is responsible for making grants to states. President Joe Biden recently nominated Alan Davidson to head the NTIA.

Another significant slice, $14.2 billion, will go to the Federal Communications Commission to establish an Affordable Connectivity Program, an extension and revision of the Emergency Broadband Benefit that provides $30 monthly broadband subsidies for eligible households.

The rest of the package: $2.75 billion for a Digital Equity Program to ensure that “individuals and communities have the information technology capacity that is needed for full participation in the society and economy of the United States”; $2 billion for RUS ReConnect; $2 billion for the Tribal Broadband Program; $1 billion for a new middle-mile program overseen by NTIA; and $600 million for Private Activity Bonds for broadband deployments. The infrastructure bill also highlights funding for WiFi networks in apartment buildings.

The breadth and scope of the infrastructure goodies drew consistently high praise from wireless and telecom experts like USTelecom CEO Jonathan Spalter. “It recognizes the private model of broadband deployment in the United States, with targeted public support in unserved or hard-to-reach communities, is the key to achieving 100% connectivity,” Spalter said in a statement.

“This ‘open toolbox’ approach will help consumers by driving innovation and keeping internet plans affordable and accessible to all,” the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association, which lobbied for a “tech-neutral” approach to the bill rather than one that favored fiber, said in a statement.

Source: How the infrastructure bill’s $65 billion in broadband spending will be doled out – MarketWatch

Covid-19: Vaccines to be compulsory for frontline NHS staff in England – BBC News

Sajid Javid told MPs that he expected to set a deadline for the beginning of April to give 103,000 unvaccinated workers time to get both jabs.

He said the move would help protect patients and the NHS as a whole.

But concerns have been raised that it could lead some workers to leave, adding to healthcare staffing issues.

More than 93% of NHS frontline staff have had their first dose and 90% are fully vaccinated, Javid said. That is higher than the general working-age population, where about 81% have had both doses.

The government’s decision follows a consultation which considered whether both the Covid and flu jabs should be compulsory.

Mr Javid said the flu vaccine would not be made mandatory.

Those with a medical reason not to have the Covid jab would be exempt, he said, as would those who do not have face-to-face contact with patients.

In a Commons statement, Mr Javid said compulsory vaccination would “protect patients in the NHS, protect colleagues in the NHS and, of course, protect the NHS itself”.

He said the requirement would be enforced 12 weeks after parliamentary approval – likely to be from April.

No unvaccinated worker should be “scapegoated or shamed”, said Mr Javid, and should instead be supported to make “a positive choice”.

Thursday is the deadline for care home workers in England to get vaccinated.

Source: Covid-19: Vaccines to be compulsory for frontline NHS staff in England – BBC News

France To Build New Nuclear Energy Reactors – Slashdot (Me: Kick environmental nuclear disaster 50 years down the road… and when the nuke waste plan fails… what then?)

France will start building its first new nuclear reactors in decades as part of efforts to meet its promises to reduce planet-warming emissions, French President Emmanuel Macron announced Tuesday. The Associated Press reports: He spoke as climate negotiators in Glasgow debate how to speed up effort…

Source: France To Build New Nuclear Energy Reactors – Slashdot