In Romania, Hard-Hit by Covid, Doctors Fight Vaccine Refusal – The New York Times

Bishop Ambrose of Giurgiu told worshipers in this small Romanian town on Oct. 14, “don’t rush to get vaccinated.”

The bishop is now under criminal investigation by the police for spreading dangerous disinformation, but his anti-vaccine clarion call, echoed by prominent politicians, influential voices on the internet and many others, helps explain why Romania has in recent weeks reported the world’s highest per capita death rate from Covid-19.

On Tuesday, nearly 600 Romanians died, the most during the pandemic. The country’s death rate relative to population is almost seven times as high as the United States’, and almost 17 times as high as Germany’s.

“This wave is far worse than the others — it is like a war,” said Dr. Anca Streinu-Cercel, who works at the biggest infectious disease hospital, Bals National Institute, in the Romanian capital, Bucharest. “We go into our wards but don’t know when we will come out.”

Armed attack on Brazilian Amazon community while delegate at Cop26 | Brazil | The Guardian

Claudelice Silva dos Santos, a Cop26 delegate and nominee for the 2019 Sakharov prize, said she had received a phone call sounding the alarm after about 30 pickup trucks arrived at the São Vinicius camp at the Tinelli farm in Nova Ixipuna, home to about 80 families, at about 3pm local time on 3 November.

Claudelice dos Santos by ‘The Majestade’ - a centuries-old tree covered in spiders’ webs and greenery.
‘Environmental defenders are being killed’: living on the frontline of global heating

Police in Marabá said they were investigating the incident. Local news reports said the workers’ union transported some of the injured to hospital, but it was not known how many people were injured.

Witnesses said many people fled as the men set fire to tents before rounding up those who could not leave, putting hoods on their heads and forcing them into a lorry where they were beaten. Some people were thrown off at the side of the road a long way from the settlement and elderly people were left tied up on anthills. Some villagers hid in the forest, while the fate of others was unclear.

One witness, who did not want to be named, said her brother had been tied up and taken away and a woman who had been left on the road had told her that “[the men] were hitting everyone a lot and my brother has a crack in his head and his mouth split open. We don’t know where they are.”

Another said: “I heard shooting and everyone started running in all directions. I saw that they were setting the camp on fire, I saw six motorcycles on fire … there were many children, elderly people just thrown in the forest.”

Source: Armed attack on Brazilian Amazon community while delegate at Cop26 | Brazil | The Guardian

Choppy seas ahead for Kelly Slater and other athletes unvaccinated against Covid-19 | Surfing | The Guardian

The World Surf League has recently warned surfers that remaining unvaccinated ahead of the 2022 season would pose “significant challenges” and may see them prohibited from “entering certain countries if they are not fully vaccinated”. At the top of that list is Australia, where the WSL is expected to head in April for events at Bells Beach in Victoria and the Margaret River in Western Australia. While the nation’s entry conditions for non-residents have yet to be confirmed, it is anticipated – as with the Australian Open – that unvaccinated athletes will either be banned or face strict quarantine requirements.

Slater, a tour veteran who will soon turn 50, is understood to be unvaccinated against Covid-19. He caused controversy in a recent comment on Instagram, criticising the pro-vaccination advocacy of Australian Ironman athlete Matt Poole. “If something happens to me, it’s on me, not someone else,” Slater wrote. “And for people saying listen to the doctors, I’m positive I know more about being healthy than 99% of doctors.” The surfer has no medical qualifications.

Source: Choppy seas ahead for Kelly Slater and other athletes unvaccinated against Covid-19 | Surfing | The Guardian

Do You Know What’s in the Infrastructure Bill?

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These days it seems we are bombarded with ‘misinformation’ … I call them lies … but call it what you will, it has left us in the dark on many issues.  One topic that has been subjected to so many lies and so much confusion is the recently passed infrastructure bill, or BIF.  Many are simply confused, others are attempting to paint it as something it isn’t.  But, our friend TokyoSand over at the Political Charge blog has some excellent FACTUAL information!  I hope you’ll take a moment or two to read her post and see for yourself what is actually contained in this bill, rather than believing the falsehoods that readily float on the media and the internet.  Thank you, TokyoSand!

We can’t amplify and tout the fantastic infrastructure bill if we don’t know what’s in it. This overview will help.

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Se dilacerou é porque não era Amor comigo!

O amor é uma marca forte na trajetória humana. Quem passou por essa vida e não amou, não viveu. O amor que tem tantas denominações, facetas inclusive, é um prazer a mais a ser ” degustado” suavemente como um bom vinho. O amor é um regozijo humano na terra. Se nasce e morre muitas vezes, desejando um amor verdadeiro. Ninguém ama depois que morre, o amor enquanto sentimento vive na memória daqueles que cativam a nobreza desse sentimento único e humano, capaz de estreitar diferenças entre pessoas. Claro, o amor enquanto ” comportamento ” vive sob os designos de nossas ações. Por isso, ele deve ser aproveitado ao máximo por duas pessoas que se amam, ou que estejam genuinamente apaixonadas.

Quando as pessoas estão apaixonados, elas ” inventam” situações que cria um certo encaminhamento pela outra. Na verdade, você não ama a outra pessoa, você ama aquilo que você projeta…

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