The Tunnel

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Deep in the bowels of the Eastern Ghats Mountain Range nestled the small and obscure village of Cheenna Gato, meaning a tiny hole in the native tribal dialect, a mix of the Odiya and Telugu languages. The year is 1960, and while the rest of the world celebrated many human advancements, the villagers of this tiny jungle-mountain settlement remained happy with their secluded existence. Ramaloo and Anantamma, along with their eight-year-old twin girls Daksha and Aadrika, lived on the fringe of this heavenly little hamlet.

On one pleasant morning, a massive and thunderous sound shattered the tranquillity of this peaceful village. Anantamma rushed out of the hut throwing down the basket of leafy vegetables that she was inspecting to prepare lunch. Daksha and Aadrika, who were playing with little dolls made of mud, ran towards their mother in scare. A startled Ramaloo looked towards the sky, letting go of his…

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  1. Thank you so much Ned for promoting my Happy to share my 46th short story “The Tunne”, an odd tale of a secret village accessible through a hidden tunnel in the Eastern Ghats Mountain Range and an ancient scare that haunted them.

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