Ann and Anna, (serial short story, Part 6): Believe

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                 Part 5 was last Sunday


     “Yes, Ma’am.”  I nodded again, hoping she was right, but not truly believing it, in my heart of hearts.  I reached out, and she opened her hand, lacing her fingers through mine. I could have stayed like that forever, but old Mary shifted her weight, reminding us that none of us were our own mistresses.  We must hurry on, if we were to remain out of chains.


     “Believe it.”    How did she do that?  There it was.  She had that twinkle in her eye.


She gently released my hand, patting Mary’s broad neck as she glanced at my reins before ducking under the head of her own horse.  She was mounted before I even noticed.  She was so practiced at this, I knew, but still felt in awe of…

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3 thoughts on “Ann and Anna, (serial short story, Part 6): Believe”

  1. Thank you for sharing this part of the AnnNAnna series, Ned. I hope that it provides hope, and more, for some who need it.


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