The long road to mRNA vaccines – CIHR

Headlines around the world have focused on how quickly vaccines against COVID-19 were developed, but there is no such thing as an “overnight success” in science.

These vaccines—and the ones that use messenger RNA (mRNA), in particular—are building on decades of scientific research.

  • Fundamental research (sometimes called basic research) focuses on the underlying mechanisms of biology and the cellular, molecular, and physiological basis for health and disease.
  • Applied research teases out the knowledge acquired through fundamental research in the hopes of putting it to a specific use, like new medicines and therapies.

The story behind these mRNA vaccines and the related technologies involves hundreds of people all over the world who have worked in fundamental and applied areas of research over time. Their efforts helped to create the knowledge base that led to the wonderful vaccine developments we’re seeing at work today.

Source: The long road to mRNA vaccines – CIHR