“The greenest since Independence”: Jamaica Labour Party defends its environmental record

Greener than the past is not enough, I feel, for any current governments – we all need to step up further – now – to protect our grandchildren’s future.

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As COP26 (the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow) winds on, and Caribbean leaders make wonderful speeches at the podium, the Jamaican Government has been feeling a little pressure at home from some Jamaicans (including myself) who are concerned that the speeches don’t quite match up to activities on the ground.

Such activities would include, of course, ongoing mining in and around Cockpit Country; the depredations of the South Coast Highway Project in eastern Jamaica, including the felling of old trees in the San San area; the destruction of mangrove forests in western Jamaica to build a mega-hotel and casino; the felling of more old trees by developers right across the Kingston/St. Andrew area; and other activities that do not seem at all “climate friendly.”

Or “resilient.” Or “sustainable.” Or any of the other buzzwords you care to mention.

Senator Sophia Frazer-Binns is the Opposition Spokeswoman on Environment and Climate Change.

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