Vivaldi translation: Time
“Life is what happens between your first act of inspiring, and a finished gesture, which is your last breath”, as our dear Mário Sergio Cortella said: “Life is what happens between the first time you open your mouth, and the last time you close it.” In that time, there is time to do a lot.

Between the first time your lung fills with air and the last moment you stop taking that air inside you, life happens. Now, in it we live beautiful experiences, I would say that many woven with joy, peace, compassion, lightness in the soul, pleasure, and most importantly perhaps, that I would not be able to describe very well here, which is the end, that is, death. I think the end, it comes down to the act of this thing of putting out the sum of accumulated experiences. You know? “Turn life inside out. Sometimes, when looking at the insignificances that are placed in front of what is important, it is that one stops and analyzes the real meaning of what life is. Now, consider the following position: how many times do you walk through the door of your house and do not know if you will come back alive? You don’t know, for example, if it was the last time you looked at the people you loved inside her.

Today, with the death of singer Marília Mendonça, a beautiful girl, with an odd voice, brought this thing of questioning life, some values, the weight of an unknown person that nobody knows the real meaning of death. Today, I’m fine, tomorrow “I leave without knowing that time has gone by …” whether I lived long enough or not, “time is up”. We take a deep breath, without imagining the next minute, only analyzing how to describe the loss and the feeling of helplessness that it leaves us.

There is so much urgency to live, to fight for the close dream, for what can be imagined in the hours that follow our blink of an eye. You understand how life fades? As all of our plans end between one sleep and another? Some you wake up and go to do them, or you don’t have time … because you don’t do business with your hands.

Time is unfaithful to us! Strong competitor, born cheater of small perks.

“(…) an instant, and life becomes colored fragments, which joining the darkness of what we do not know … makes what we call life shine in the human imagination.

”Breathe, inspire … breathe! Inhale again, swallow life, whileanto there is life ”… because time does not wait.

Marii Freire Pereira

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“Vida é aquilo que acontece entre o seu primeiro ato de inspirar, e gesto findo, que é o seu último suspiro”, como disse o nosso querido Mário Sergio Cortella: ” A vida é o que acontece entre a primeira vez que você abre a boca, e a última vez que a fecha”. Nesse intervalo de tempo, há tempo de fazer muita coisa.

Entre a primeira vez que o seu pulmão se enche de ar e o último momento que você deixa de levar esse ar para dentro de si, a vida acontece. Ora, nela vivemos experiências belíssimas , diria que muitas tecidas de alegria, paz, compaixão, leveza na alma, prazer, e o mais importante talvez, que eu não saberia descrever muito bem aqui, que é o fim, ou seja, a morte. Acho que o fim, resume-se no ato dessa coisa de você colocar pra fora a somatório de experiências…

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