Passing of Road Traffic Act Regulations must be prioritized, says Private Sector Organization of Jamaica

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The Jamaican Government has found itself in an embarrassing situation this week – over traffic tickets. A Supreme Court injunction on Wednesday may severely impactgovernment finances, unless Parliament does something quickly; so last night it convened a special sitting, which is continuing today(although, true to form for our House of Representatives, it started late this morning). It is now facing a refund bill of billions unless it passes some urgent legislation.

The situation regarding the Road Traffic Act, passed by Parliament over three years ago, is truly shameful and a sign of true incompetence. The regulations that will bring the legislation into force are still not complete. There have been numerous media reports, interviews, cajolings, and hand-wringing over the matter – to no avail. It is not fair on anyone seeking to implement a more orderly and fair regime on our roads. God knows, it is badly…

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