Meddling With Archangels

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  I wrote the short story   “Think Before Meddling With Archangels (how I wish I’d thought to shorten that title earlier!) as a completion of the initial scene Angels and Clay Blobs that I started back in 2012, and finally posted in 2014.  In between these two versions, I went through a couple of earlier (one with a name I liked, but feared might catch some flack, so changed it…) versions before finally posting TBMWA, which was my first, and so far only,  entry for a story contest, this one based on rational decision-making narrative.

       The initial scene of Angels and Clay Blobs actually kicked off my very first NaNo novel, Creator: Friend or Foe, which, after 7 drafts, will die a quiet death like every first practice novel.  Hubris and Hemlock, my second NaNo novel, is actually deserving of the…

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