Last Chance! Concerned Bahamians call upon PM Davis to be “brave” in confronting the climate crisis and to reevaluate plans for Disney Cruise ship port at Lighthouse Point

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There has been a lot of discussion on social media regarding political leaders who make grand speeches at the ongoing Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP16), while on the ground actions at home seem to belie their comments. This does not only apply to the developed countries, who are by far the most responsible for most greenhouse gas emissions. Perhaps surprisingly, these criticisms are being leveled at a number of developing countries, including some small Caribbean nations like Jamaica – and, in this case the vulnerable islands of the Bahamas (which suffered the devastating Hurricane Dorian in 2019). You would think they would know better, as countries literally on the frontline. But what are they doing at home to mitigate the impacts of climate change on their own countries? Mining? New tourism developments?

Our coastal areas (including our coral reefs) are particularly vulnerable to climate change; they are also home…

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