Sitaphal Basundi

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

Custard apples{sitaphal in Hindi} are my absolute favourite. They’re so good on their own. And sitaphal basundi or sitaphal kulfi or sitaphal ice cream or even cream-of-sitaphal, yes just about all desserts made using this element… are super delicious. They’re seasonal, so only during the monsoons. Maharashtra gets the juiciest and plumpest sitaphals. And this year, they’re still available even post-monsoon. I intend to write a light-hearted short poem dedicated to my genuine love for this delectable fruit!

Custard Apple

You know I love you, Custard-Apple If I could, I'd build you a chapel And everyone who came to worship Would forget about hatred, jealousy and gossip Because, a happy tummy Takes away much worry It could be just momentary But joy is worth it, even if temporary Sweetness in every bite But, you've got lots of seeds inside Reminds me about the complexity of life Good and bad experiences…

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