Shall we go for optimism? A young Jamaican woman is inspired by…Walt Disney

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When I read the local headlines I am often filled with gloom. We are all tired of reading about gangs and corruption, COVID-19, and the terrible abuse of our women and children. It is depressing. I think some of my pessimism has carried over into the Climate Change Conference (known as COP26) which will be dominating international headlines for the next two weeks. It is fine for the leaders of developed and developing countries to make impressive speeches in Glasgow – it is almost as if they are trying to out-do each other with their fine words – but what is happening at home? Are they practicing what they preach? In a radio interview this very evening, environmentalist Peter Espeut “claims PM’s Management of Cockpit Country Runs Counter to His Message at COP26.” Precisely.

And yet, before I become altogether too cynical… Yes, words can inspire. I heard about a…

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