Grilled Vegetable Tower

Tanooki Homemade Cafe

Happy World Vegan Day! For those who are on vegan diet or people who are interested in vegan diet, this is the day for you!

Since back in a few years ago, plant based food became boom among carnivores as well as from vegetarian/vegan people. Some people choose not to eat animal products for religious reasons or environmental reasons, and my dinner buddy and I were one of them. 

One day, he came back from his office and told me there would be no meat allowed on our dining table. I was quite shocked that day because we enjoyed roasted chicken or pork, slowly cooked in a slow cooker so that the meat was soft and juicy, and suddenly he abandoned all the yummy food memories? I was like…NO!! But as I knew he was stubborn, even though I cooked yummy dishes with meat, he refused to eat and asked…

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