Forgiveness, Love, and everything in between

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

Without forgiveness, there cannot be love Both of these emotions are sent from above God is love; and we were created out of a surplus of that same love We love because He first loved us; it's a blessing from above But, unfortunately humanity hasn't fathomed its purity And made it all about fleeting feelings of lust and vulgarity Understanding, sacrafice, patience and forgiveness are the tenets of this emotion All around teenagers and innocent souls are seeking this magic potion The reason why most people feel so incomplete Instead, they try to complete themselves with things that seem sweet But the reason why they even feel the need to love and feel loved Is because they were created from love, by love and to love After scouting the depths of the oceans They still confuse this delicate emotion It's about self-sacraficing and putting another before you It's about serving…

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