You Drive Me Crazy

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

So, the Christian population in India is less than 2%. And within that 2%, the subset of Bombay Catholics is a fun bunch;) You see, most Indian weddings have the bridal couple stand on the pedestal in heavy traditional wear adorned in gold and jewels, while people queue up to wish and gift them. Then guests go and attack the buffet. Done! But Catholic weddings in Bombay are very similar to Western weddings. And depending on the location and families involved, you’ll see women in plunging necklines, backless gowns, and stilettos. There’s a very rigid sequence of song and dance after the initial entry, toast, cake cutting, and wedding march. It’s always like this: first dance, foxtrot, waltz, jive, maybe a little cha-cha and salsa, new popular dance tracks, classic dance hits, Hindi and Bollywood dance tracks, Konkani or Marathi tracks followed by the quintessential ‘Catholic Masala’. Bombay has a…

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