towards the light of another day…

Develop. Inspire. Transform.

I skip over puddles, one, two, three,
in the mirror images, I see, you
refracted back at me…

always loving and kind, despite the pain
sitting on the surface
of our contoured purpose,
reaching deep within,
looking amongst the worn out travelers, sin

arises, seems raw, and depletes me again…

tired, and tortured, I look to the earth’s very nature, for a sense of purpose

the feelings, and thoughts, go against the grain

like the trees, bare, and scorched of their outer skins, while flayed and portrayed

in the myriad contexts,
where love is at the center, not grim,
more compassionate, to the travelers
making their way

towards the light of another day…

Photo by distelAPPArath from Pixabay

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