Scotland to rollout diabetes test for Type 1 patients – BBC News

Prof Strachan said: “C-peptide helps diabetes specialists make a more accurate diagnosis of the cause of diabetes, and that means we can get people on the most appropriate treatment.

“In some instances, C-peptide testing allowed people to stop very long-standing insulin therapy. This can be life-transforming.

“If anyone has any concerns regarding their diabetes or wishes to know more about the new blood test, they should contact their diabetes clinical team who are best placed to provide specific advice and support based on their individual circumstances.”

‘Significant positive impact’

There are about 315,000 people living with diabetes in Scotland and the new programme will be offered to people who have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes for at least three years.

The tests will be offered at hospital diabetes centres.

Public Health Minister Maree Todd said that tackling diabetes was a priority for the Scottish government and that she wanted everyone living with diabetes to access safe, effective healthcare, treatment and support.

She said: “Type 1 diabetes is a significant health challenge right across the world.

“I am proud that Scotland will be the first country to introduce this blood test which has the potential to have a significant positive impact on the lives of those people living with diabetes.”

Source: Scotland to rollout diabetes test for Type 1 patients – BBC News