Chayei Sarah, and Reconciling Brothers

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     So, this week’s Torah portion is Parashat Chayei Sarah.  It means, literally, “the life of Sarah,” but starts off with her death.   This week’s parashah tells the famous story of the servant who finds a wife for his master’s son, by asking her to water his camels.  From there, we see a slightly less popular story, in which two brothers, once at odds, come together in peace, if not friendship, to bury their father.

   It reminds me of the ever popular story of Corazon Salvaje, now in yet another iteration of a telenovela based on the novel originally set in a French colony, moved to Vera Cruz for Mexican viewers.  The 1993 version of this soap opera tells a profound story, and feels like a last gasp of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. 

    But what about folks with no rich and powerful father…

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