This is Gibraltar, St. Ann, Jamaica: Save Cockpit Country

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These photographs landed in a tweet from Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) on my timeline this afternoon, leaving me with a heavy feeling in my heart. I think they speak for themselves.

“I had never been confronted by bauxite mining in this way before,” confessed CEO of JET, Dr. Theresa Rodriguez-Moodie.

“Beautiful hillsides with lush forests and peaceful communities were now replaced with deep open pits, massive scouring of hillsides, and red dirt, everywhere. Right next to people’s homes, their farmland. There were schools that were right next to bauxite mining pits. And I saw several homes where if they walked right out of their front door or their back yard, there were these massive pits…”

“How is this OK? How are we OK with this? We hear about the importance of bauxite mining to Jamaica’s economy, and in 2020 JET did a study showing that in 2018 bauxite mining contributed…

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