short contest entry: Think Before Meddling With Archangels

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  Think Before Meddling With Archangels

“40 seconds guaranteed!”

What was Charlie talking about, now?   The singing had stopped, replaced by a few screams, here and there.


“We have to do it, quick!”



A large Police van had just pulled up, and was starting to load the women in, shoving most of them none too gently up and through the door.  One had fallen over, and she lay half in, half out of the van.  A burly officer had drawn his arm into a curl, ready to backhand her.  The woman appeared to be cringing in fetal position where she’d fallen in the doorway.



This looked sub-optimal.  If the shit hit the fan, nobody would believe them without proof.  Adagio pulled out that new Android he’d gotten for his name day.  Time to figure out how to film on this thing.  Another officer was…

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