Pressure ulcers: what is right is not always popular – Chen Song Ping

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Pressure ulcers : What is right is not always welcome.

I am not proud of writing this article. When friends ask for help; their relatives are discharged from the hospital with pressure ulcers…

“My mother is bedridden. Please keep her dry and turn around regularly. …let her skin crumble.” “It’s too harsh and impossible; …because we are understaffed!” The right things are not always common. use. However, some hospitals can maintain a zero pressure ulcer rate among their bedridden clients.

“Since five years ago, I have been in a wheelchair and my hips don’t have any ulcers. What do you know? The therapist showed me a picture-an ugly pressure ulcer!!! I tried not to develop one!”

“We take turns to take care of our mother in the hospital. Change her when she gets dirty, often turn her around with the help of the staff.”

What is generally done is not always correct. Unfortunately, pressure ulcers did develop during their hospital stay. Preventing pressure ulcers is a multidisciplinary responsibility (physician, physiotherapist, dietitian, nurse), although nurses play an important role.

Do you agree that family members and caregivers should also play a role in preventing pressure ulcers?

The spokesperson said: “First of all, pressure ulcers should not be allowed to develop. Because it takes a long journey to heal this “wound”!” … to prevent her skin from collapsing. “

Source: Pressure ulcers: what is right is not always popular – Chen Song Ping