Cockpit Country Stakeholders reject “inadequate” EIA for bauxite mining permit

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The issue of Cockpit Country has not disappeared. Many concerns remain. Stay tuned. This is from Jamaica Environment Trust (click on the link to the Final EIA mentioned below):

We, the undersigned members of the Cockpit Country Stakeholders Group (CCSG), reject the Final Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for SML 173, now available on the website of the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA). We are at a loss to understand how this substandard document could have been accepted by the state agency with responsibility for public health and the environment.

We understand that deliberations on the granting of an environmental permit to allow bauxite mining adjacent to the Cockpit Country Proposed Protected Area are imminent, so we do not have the luxury of conducting a line by line examination. But the matter is of great importance as the area of SML 173 is within the boundary proposed by the…

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