A strong statement from AOSIS: “The goalpost has been moved even further to the continued detriment of Small Island Developing States”

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The Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), of which Jamaica is a member, tweeted its concerns on the US$100 billion climate finance goal, expressing deep disappointment, and indeed, impatience, noting:

The delay in meeting the US$100 billion #climatefinance goal is a major blow to #SIDS and the developing world. Devastating #climatechange impacts are not waiting, this is about survival.

Ambition must be realised now, before we’re faced with an existential cost beyond our reach.

@AOSISChair on Twitter

They shared this Statement from Ambassador Aubrey Webson, AOSIS Chair:

We now have a climate finance plan, but the US$100 billion goal is still elusive and only likely to be met in 2023. While we appreciate the efforts of the UK COP26 Presidency, Canada, and Germany in leading this initiative for transparency, this is a major blow to the developing world. The goalpost has been moved even further to the continued detriment…

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